Central Arizona

Central Arizona includes the sixth largest city in the nation, Phoenix, and the surrounding cities of Scottsdale, Tempe, Sun City, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, and Mesa. There are also many other smaller surburbs in the area.

Couple the climate with the advantages of a truly metropolitan environment and all that big city living has to offer, and many retirees find the area hard to resist. The central Arizona area has one of the largest concentrations of seniors in the USA and is well-established as a retirement destination.

There is lots of sunshine, great golf, a reasonable cost of living and a wide selection of housing choices. Anyone searching for a place to retire will want to explore these opportunities.

The climate from September through May to considered to be almost perfect. Yes, it can be hot in the summer but with air-conditioning it is a lot easier to handle the heat than the snow and ice of northern states.

Phoenix does not have a much in land near the city, but drive out about 25 miles in any direction and there are nice pieces of land and lots available.

Want the super heart of old west ranching country? Check out Wickenburg. You'll think you just stepped of the stage in some of the these areas. Payson has scenic views with open spaces.

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